Google Penguin 4 Algorithm Real Time Update. Toxic Cleanup Time.

Fresh faced, raring to go? Do you have a brand new website and are venturing out into the world of online retail sales for the first time? Then you need to be reading the beginners guide to SEO here.  Don’t waste your time here.

If you thought, like many of you, you could manipulate the most sophisticated Internet company in the world with the largest group of IT intellectuals, gurus and programming wizards under one roof and its come back to bite you in the proverbial then you should keep reading. We don’t judge, we have all tried it. I hope this advice can help you recover or at the very least improve your website’s search engines rankings.

You may have heard whispers around the Internet last week as Google released its latest algorithm update. Codenamed, Penguin 4 and its new real-time analysis.

Interestingly this update will be the last time Google will also notify us mere mortals of any algorithm changes. What is important about this update is those of you that may have been hit by link building penalties in the Penguin 3 update in 2014, now is the time you can really recover your drop shipping website quickly.

The Penguin algorithm filter from Google was designed to run, catch and penalise sites that were deemed spammy. These sites would then remain penalised even if they improved and changed, which could take months. For example the last Penguin update, Penguin 3 was rolled out in October 2014 which means any sites hit by a penalty back then will have waited nearly two years for the chance to be free. Google is now so sophisticated it can process backlink data in real time which means if you have been a little naughty with your SEO techniques in the past you now have the chance to recover your ranking much faster than ever before.

The titan that is Google.

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So, if you have been a little underhanded with your SEO techniques in the past in trying to get your drop shipping sex shop website ranked higher in the Google results, hired an office full of Indians to link build or commissioned a Chinese programming guru to run automated software to manipulate your website within Googles index, now is the time to really fix things.

How do you do this? The answer. You need to “Disavow” your toxic links to clean your backlink profile.

Disavow links…. This probably sounds like a complex exercise but it’s actually fairly straightforward and is very cheap to do. Keep reading!

  1. Create a text file and add all your dodgy and toxic links to it.
  2. Upload this file to the Disavow tool in your Google Webmaster Account.

The disavow tool is a way of allowing you to tell Google not to take into account certain questionable backlinks that point to your site. You can find the tool here. And here is Google’s docs on how to use the tool.

Now. Be careful. Using the disavow tool incorrectly can hurt your website.

You should only disavow links that you know were made with the intention of manipulating Google’s results or are totally irrelevant. Remember a good link, is a link to your xtrader website that has been achieved naturally and will come from a relevant, related source. You need to disavow unrelated, dodgy and any questionable links. Did you get your mate who runs a painting and decorating company to link to your sex shop from their web site? Basically, it’s irrelevant and will push you a little further into the deep and dark pits of Googledom! You need to get rid of them now!

So how do you find all your toxic links?

There are a plethora of very sophisticated SEO companies who you will find online that will do the service for you. – $99 $149

Forget those companies unless you have money to burn! They are very good but I am going to tell you how to get the same result for a fraction of the price.

Here is how you can get your disavow file, researched and produced for your website super cheap.

Many people who work for SEO companies have access to expensive premium agency accounts with, and many other similar paid services and this means they can analyse any websites backlink data and produce as many reports for as many domains as they like.

The secret is, these people are all making a pretty penny on the side, selling their expertise on and they will research and produce a disavow file for your website…. you guessed it, for a fiver.
Just search “disavow” on and take your pick from tens of dozens of SEO professionals offering the service.

My advice is to check your link profile immediately even if you think you won’t have any bad links to your website. If at any point you have hired an SEO company or submitted your website yourself to some obscure online directory you found in hope of achieving a back link, you will have some links that need disavowing. Even just a few bad backlinks will be having a negative effect on your ranked pages in Google’s index.

I hope you find this useful and as always if you want any advice on your website or have any SEO questions please get in touch.