Web Hosting Issues

Our Stockmanager software requires quality business web hosting to run, don't let this scare you off, it doesn't cost the earth. We have a montly solution at £9.95 here. If you do not want to host with us, there is many shared hosting services around £9 - £20 a month is more than sufficent.

Essentially the Stockmanager does not run on budget hosting. This is primarily due to the server companies limiting usage, and timing out processes that are taking a long time. This means they can cram hundreds of clients onto one machine and make more profit!

Please Note: The following hosting providers are known to use extraordinary measures which keep resource intensive applications like XTrader Stockmanager from running properly. Please do not host with them.

This list is ever growing, avoid £1.50 - £3 a month hosting contracts, you are not going to get a quality service.