What is the difference between the packages. Why are they a different price?

The underlying ecommerce software we use to run the shops is the same. The difference is price is purely down to the quality of the design. 
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When a customer checks out on my shop, who do they pay?

Your customer will pay you directly, via the payment provider you have set up - you can configure...

Am I right in thinking the products are preinstalled on the site, with all the prices, descriptions and pictures, and are theses updated automatically or is there something I need to do, if so how easy is that?

Yes, these are all built-in and ready to trade. You will need the Stock Manger Module to add...

Am I right in thinking the products are pre installed on the site?

Yes these are all built in and ready to trade. The site will be propogated with the stock on the...

Does the shops come with user guide or tutorial?

Yes, we will provide links to the manual.

I had a look at the example of the Platinum Shop, are there different themes to it, i.e. colours, layouts?

What you see is in the demo is exactly what you will get once we have installed the system.You do...