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Stock Manager and Direct Order Solution

Stock Manager

Import all of our products into your Shopify store, and have the products fully managed and automated.

The Stockmanager connects to the XTrader XML product and stock feeds to sync any products within your store and adding new products if they are available (including their images, attributes, product data & stock levels).

Products categories are created, and products are assigned to their relevant categories. It is capable of populating your whole website from scratch with all product data including all images and attributes (i.e. Small / Medium / Large). It also has a separate stock control option which can be used to keep your products stock levels in-line with XTrader.

Please note: You will need to build your menu for your template using the imported collections and tags are not imported.

Direct Ordering

The module becomes part of the checkout procedure and once it receives confirmation from your payment provider that payment has been taken the module fires into action. You will receive a confirmation email advising the order has been placed and your new account balance after the funds for the order have been deducted If an order fails for any reason you will receive an email advising.

For example:- Run out of funds. Even after a failure your shop will be able to send an entire order over to your account at the click of a button. If you have a telephone ordering system, once the order is logged in your shop one click of a button will send the order to your drop ship account.

Automated Tracking Updates

Once an order is dispatched by XTrader the tracking number and courier information will be passed over to Shopify and notify your customer.

XTrader Shopify Controls

Manual controls are available, but XTrader Shopify automation runs automatically from the server.


All data is imported

All product information found on XTrader is imported into Shopify, including description, options and images.



Please note: The monthly stock level fee includes the hosting rental fee for the server where the software is installed for you. If you cancel the monthly fee, the software suite will be removed from the server and will require a small time based installation fee if you wish to set it up again in the future.

Type: Automation
*Stock levels from £10 a month

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