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Import all of our products with their full data into your E-commerce store, and have the products automated with stock updates.

The Stockmanager connects to the XTrader product & stock feeds to update any products within your own database and adding new products if they are available (including their images, options and product information).

Products categories are created, and products are assigned to their relevant categories.It is capable of populating your whole website from scratch with all product data including all images and attributes (i.e. Small / Medium / Large). It also has a separate stock control option which can be used to keep your products stock levels in-line with XTrader.

It also highlights discontinued items and are either removed or turned off at the users choice.

Stockmanager Features

Mapping, Renaming & Blocking Categories

The stock manager has the ability to create your own category layout and structure with a drag and drop feature.

Price Adjust & Feed Settings

Create price adjustments either from the RRP or cost price. Import the category images, choose between free or chargeable batteries. You can also change the feed type, for vaping products. Autosync RRP price changes from the settings page.

Discontinued Management

Discontinued products are disabled as standard by the software, but a management page is available within the stock manager if you wish to mass delete the items from your store.

Price Sync

Easily re-sync the product prices if there are updates with XTrader, or you have changed your price adjustment within the settings.

Version & Environment Notices

The Stock Manager is a very powerful piece of software so it requires good quality business hosting to run. Read more here.

Please note: This software only works with XTraders products and categories.
Not Supported: WIX, Squarespace, EKM Powershop, BigCommerce and Magento
Not Supported: Wordpress.com offer a hosted service, our plugin will not work on this due to their hosting restrictions.