Direct Ordering Module

For: Opencart 1.5.x - 3.x | Woocommerce

No longer will you have to log in to your dropship account and place your orders.

The module becomes part of the checkout procedure and once it receives confirmation from your payment provider that payment has been taken the module fires into action. You will receive a confirmation email advising the order has been placed and your new account balance after the funds for the order have been deducted If an order fails for any reason you will receive an email advising.

For example:- Run out of funds. Even after a failure your shop will be able to send an entire order over to your account at the click of a button. If you have a telephone ordering system, once the order is logged in your shop one click of a button will send the order to your dropship account.

Remote Order Module (Automatic Ordering)
Direct order Module

Type: Automation

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