Web Designers. The Truth Behind The Magic.

In the late nineties and early naughties, web design was the fastest growing industry. The World Wide Web was booming. The demand for this new digital wizardry was huge with businesses realising they needed a website to keep up with technological advances. Everyone and his dog jumped on the bandwagon and tried to be a web designer. All of a sudden in social circles, it’s what you would always hear. “I’m a web designer”

Drop Shipping with Bitcoin

imgresAs a company, we pride ourself in supporting emerging technologies. As way back as the late 1990s we were at the forefront of working with prominent ongoing developments and web advances. While others were struggling with clunky Perl and TCL interpreters we had made the leapt to “Personal Home Page“, or as we all know it now, the recursive acronym PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor which is now considered the go to language for dynamic websites.

You may have seen over the course of the last year we have been adding the option to use Bitcoin’s to pay for stock and now our “Out of the Box” and web design services can be paid in the same way.